4 Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Flowers

3 November 2022
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Buying any kind of flowers can add beautiful colours and enchanting scents to your home, and you can find options that come from all over the world. However, you should also think about choosing flowers that have been locally grown. While more exotic flowers do offer their own benefits, here are just four reasons to think about going for local ones instead. 

1. Keeps Things Eco-Friendly 

People are becoming increasingly aware of how the purchasing decisions they make can impact the environment, and that's surely one reason why locally-grown flowers are becoming more popular. Since these flowers will have been grown in your local area, they won't have the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation. They'll also generally require far less plastic and packaging, and the fact they won't need to have been put in cold storage to retain their freshness will further reduce associated energy consumption. If you want to keep things eco-friendly, buying locally-grown flowers only makes sense.

2. Helps the Local Area

It isn't just the environment at large that you'll help by shopping for local flowers. Those fields of flowers will have helped support your local wildlife, including the local bee population, and that can in turn help the spread and growth of other types of fauna. Of course, you'll also help local businesses and ensure money stays in your area, so the benefits to your part of the country really are extensive.

3. Helps Flowers Last Longer

Nothing beats the scent and appearance of fresh flowers, but they will wilt eventually. Fortunately, you can always buy locally grown flowers to ensure they last as long as possible. The locally grown flowers you find at your florist will often have been growing naturally just a few days before and won't have been placed in cold storage for any significant length of time. That means they should last much longer than many other flowers that were grown far away.

4. Keeps Pace With the Seasons

Finally, keep in mind that using locally grown flowers means the arrangements in your home will always match the season outside. That means being able to bring the scents and colours of spring into your home in the spring and the warming shades and smells of autumn later in the year. That helps make your arrangements feel more meaningful and in harmony with the outside world. It also provides the ideal chance to change things up instead of using the same arrangements throughout the year.

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